Get temporary work in the United States

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers temporary work programs for foreigners. One of them is the H-2 program that grants visas to thousands of foreign workers every year.

The H-2 visa program is divided into two categories: H-2A for agricultural workers and H-2B for non-agricultural workers (gardening, forestry work, and others) and Joe Biden's H has reported his intention to expand access to temporary work visas, since they are currently studying the alternatives to make H-2A visas more accessible to foreign workers. 

H-2B visas have a limit of 66 thousand applicants, however, the H-2A visa does not have a maximum limit. However, the Department of Labor (DOL) included an additional 22,000 visas for fiscal year 2021, with the aim of contributing to the economic recovery of local communities.

Learn about the temporary jobs available by entering the following DOL site: There potential applicants for temporary work visas will find a description of available jobs, duration, location, type of pay (hourly, weekly, biweekly or monthly), and contact information.

The applicant must fill out the I-129 form and wait for the USCIS to approve the application. Later you can apply for the corresponding visa, H-2A or H-2B. Learn more about the process in the following links:

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