Health Care Options for Undocumented Immigrants

There are several alternatives for undocumented immigrants in the United States to access health care services.

Undocumented immigrants face many challenges in accessing health care. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), of the 10 million undocumented people living in the United States, 46% of them, not counting the elderly, do not have health insurance. Even among authorized immigrants, 25% are also uninsured.

Some of the reasons why undocumented immigrants do not access medical treatment is fear of possible deportation, there are language barriers, among others.

However, while undocumented immigrants cannot access programs like Medicaid, Medicare, or Children's Health Insurance (CHIP), there are other options for them to receive quality health care.

In this sense, immigrants without documents can access qualified health centers, emergency clinics, public hospitals, regardless of their immigration status, but with the responsibility of paying the total bills.

There are also hospitals that provide care to the uninsured, undocumented or people with low income, you can find the list of these establishments at the following link:

On the other hand, in cases of emergency, undocumented immigrants can apply for Emergency Medicaid in the event that an organ or part of the body is in danger of failing to function properly. The application must include bank statements, identification, pay stubs and proof of address.

Similarly, a family member with legal status may apply for Medicaid, Medicare, or CHIP or low-cost insurance for an undocumented immigrant.

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