Get to know the USA Hello tool to find useful resources in your area

Through USA Hello's Find tool, you can find healthcare providers, legal help, and more close to your home.

Through this free tool from USA Hello You can explore services near you, such as legal aid, resettlement services, room and board, medical assistance and therapy, jobs and careers, emergency services, English classes, and more. In addition, it is available in Spanish, English and Arabic. The app is designed to help refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants in the United States.

The application allows you to navigate and explore the map of localities at the national level, in the same way it allows you to carry out specific searches by city or by resource and establish a radius of 25 miles.

For example, if you search in the Education and English Classes category and choose any of the results, the platform will show you the address of the establishment, its website, telephone numbers and a description of the services they offer.

Another option that Find de USA Hello offers is the possibility of adding resources that fall into the available categories.

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