The SEP and the SRE launched the call for the Mexico-USA Teacher Exchange Program

Educational authorities in locations in Mexico and the United States must submit their applications for teachers to participate in this cultural and educational exchange program.

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) of Mexico announced the call for the "Mexico-United States Teacher Exchange Program 2022", which is carried out through the Mexico-United States Binational Migrant Education Program. States (PROBEM).

The program consists of Mexican teachers teaching classes in the participating states in the US for a period of three to eight weeks, either during the summer or during the school year. Similarly, US teachers will visit schools in Mexico for one or two weeks to teach classes.

In this sense, one of the purposes of this teaching exchange is to strengthen the educational processes of both countries and train teachers in multicultural contexts.

The deadline for registration of teachers by participating educational institutions is January 28, 2022. For the second phase from February 14 to March 22, the supervisors of the institutions will send the information of the pre-selected teachers to the state coordination.

Another important point is that both the SRE and the SEP will be in charge of carrying out the consular procedures and obtaining the necessary permits so that the selected teachers do not have any problems during their stay in the US.

En cuanto a los requisitos, para los docentes mexicanos son los siguientes:

  • Have a valid passport as of December 31, 2022 and have no criminal record in Mexico or the United States.
  • Have a degree and professional license of Bachelor of Education in Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Upper Secondary, Indigenous, Special or pedagogical area of a Normal School, Superior Normal School, National Pedagogical University or equivalent in another Higher Education institution in the National Educational System .
  • Work as a teacher in education: preschool, primary, secondary, indigenous, special and/or teachers of the "National English Program".
  • Have a permanent appointment position (base).
  • Have a proof document of a B1 level of command of the English language in the 4 communication skills or CENNI Certificate level 12.
  • In the case of teachers of indigenous languages, the English language proficiency requirement may be exempted, as long as the educational service they are going to provide is in an indigenous language.
  • Have a minimum experience of 3 years as a teacher in front of a group, as well as in the design of educational projects and teaching materials.
  • Be available to leave the country for three to eight weeks during the summer or the 2021-2022 school year.

In the following link you will find the application form to participate in this call: Similarly, in the following link you will find the document with the complete bases for this exchange program:

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