Sin Fronteras brinda atención legal a inmigrantes

Sin Fronteras es una organización civil con el propósito de garantizar el respeto a los derechos humanos de las poblaciones migrantes y a promover mejor calidad de vida de migrantes, refugiados y sus familias.

One of the strategic objectives of Sin Fronteras is to promote access to justice for migrants, for this reason they have a legal area that guides, advises and represents migrants in their processes.

The legal team of Sin Fronteras is made up of the Asylum and Ombudsman areas of the organization and the Legal Clinic for Immigration Documentation and Identity (CJDMI). The Asylum Area is in charge of requesting recognition of refugee status and obtaining Mexican nationality; The CJDMI, supports in obtaining immigration documents, payment of procedures and obtaining identity documents; Lastly, the Ombudsman Area is in charge of defending migrants in detention and violation of human rights and litigation strategies.

The services offered by Sin Fronteras are classified into the following levels:

  • Orientation, which provides general information to migrants on regulatory frameworks, rights, and procedures.
  • Counseling, which supports migrants in the preparation of writings for access to rights.
  • Representation: At this level, the legal team assumes responsibility for the cases, contemplating the strategies and presentation of the necessary legal resources.

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