What to do in case of deportation?

The American Friends Service Committee provides recommendations and support to Mexicans with the possibility of being deported from the United States.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is an organization that promotes a world free of violence, inequality and oppression. In this sense, they provide information on how to face a deportation from the United States as a Mexican or Mexican.

In case of immediate deportation, the AFSC recommends previously having installed on your mobile phone an application called Notifica available on GooglePlay and App Store. This application "helps immigrants prepare for possible interaction with immigration agents, build their Help Network by adding family members, attorneys, and local community groups, and send secure alerts with the push of a button prior to interaction."

While the person in removal proceedings is in an ICE Processing Center, family and friends can visit if they have a valid passport or a driver's license.

When you leave the Processing Center, you have the right to recover any type of possession, be it clothing, wallet, cell phone, among others. In the same way, his relatives can provide him with clean clothes.

Another recommendation provided by the AFSC is to have $ 200 to $ 500 in small bills, inside different pockets.

Finally, the AFSC provides a list of items that can be taken by relatives to the detention center:

  • Phone numbers of friends or family, both in Mexico and in the US (You must memorize them before leaving the US)
  • Phone card, phone charger and backup battery.
  • Have an address in Mexico. Many forms and job applications often ask for an address.
  • Get an address from a family member that you can use.
  • Medications and prescriptions written in your name, such as insulin; what you need to keep it fresh; inhalers.
  • If you are diabetic, you can bring glucose tablets or something similar.
  • Driver's license or identity card from any Mexican city or institution, as a voter card.

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