The Mexican Lore Cortés supports Mexicans in the United States to reunite with their relatives

Mexican immigrant Lore Cortés has been recognized for her work in favor of the reunification of immigrants in the United States.

Lore Cortés was born in the state of Morelos, but as a child she emigrated to the United States accompanied by her family. She was able to obtain a scholarship at the University of Dallas, where she managed to specialize, which opened up many opportunities for her.

Cortés has two degrees, one in finance and the other in business administration, which allowed him to work in various sectors of the professional sector. However, in 2009 he managed to open his own company called TaxRepublic. His company provides services to individuals and legal entities in tax matters.

Foto: Lore Cortés

Cortés has also worked with the Latino community in the United States, providing family reunification services. In fact, she chairs the organization Morelenses en Texas Tepalcingo Unido, which specializes in reuniting Morelenses relatives who have been separated for decades.

This led her to be recognized by the Congress of the State of Morelos in 2015, upon receiving the "General Emiliano Zapata Salazar Award for Migrant Merit."

Lore recognizes the work carried out by migrant women in the United States, and the challenges they must overcome to achieve their goals.

“Mexican migrant women in the United States represent so many things, but mainly in all cultures, women will always be a pillar of the family… In personal development, most women in the United States work, we are independent. The woman finds more possibilities to work and seek her protection”, she explained in an interview.

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