Know your rights as a migrant through the CNDH portal

Get to know the web portal of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) specialized for migrants, whether Mexicans in the United States, migrants returning to the country, or migrants from other countries crossing through Mexico.

The CNDH created the tool "Migrant person, the plan is to have a plan" in order to help nationals in the United States or who are back in Mexico. Get to know the site by Click here.

The tool has three main sections, for migrants in the United States, for migrants returning to Mexico, and for foreign migrants who are in transit through Mexico.

If you have questions about your rights as a migrant, you can call the CNDH at the following telephone numbers:

From the United States: 1 (855) 220 1829

From Mexico: 800-201-1010, or send an email to

The information available on migrants in the United States is very valuable, presenting content on what to do in case of raids or deportation, videos on specific programs such as Ser Frontera or Ciudadanízate de Acceso Latino, location of consulates, information on lawyers and much more.

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