Senators seek to include permission for undocumented migrants in Biden's plan

Democratic senators want millions of immigrants to temporarily stay in the United States.

Senators from the Democratic Party, sought to include immigrants in President Biden's economic plan, the goal was to allow undocumented migrants to remain in the United States temporarily.

Desde hace tiempo, ayudar a los inmigrantes ha sido un objetivo importante para los demócratas progresistas.

It is the third time this year that Democratic senators have sought to help millions of immigrants stay in the country. The plan is that migrants who arrived in the United States before 2011 and who do not have legal permanent status, can stay in the country for five years and with permission to work.

This permit could be renewed for another five years and would protect immigrants from deportation. However, it would not include a way to create a legal path to permanent residence or citizenship.

Since his Joe Biden campaign, he has been clear about the importance of immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for Dreamers. However, the senators' proposal would help 7 million immigrants to remain in the United States.

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