Recommendations to carry out procedures in Mexican Consulates

Mexicans in the United States usually carry out procedures at Mexican consulates, such as the renewal of the Mexican passport, birth certificate, dual nationality certificate, among other documents.

Mexico has 50 Consulates in the United States that provide services to Mexican immigrants in that country. Some of the most important documentation procedures that can be carried out through a consulate are the process and renewal of consular registration, request for a voting credential, passports from 1 year (in cases of consular protection and children under 3 years) to 10 years.


On the other hand, the civil registration acts available at consulates are: the certified copy of Declarations of Mexican Nationality, letter of naturalization and matrimonial action.

Here are some recommendations for people who will carry out procedures in Mexican Consulates in the United States:

Proof of address: If you do not have proof of address in your name, you can request that a friend or relative send you a letter to the address where you live. The letter will be accepted by the consulate as proof.

Print your certified copy of the birth certificate: Most of the procedures are required to present a birth certificate, which you can obtain here:

Be early for your appointment: Consulate workers suggest arriving to the minor 15 minutes before the time of your appointment to avoid any setback.

If you don't have your documents, reschedule your appointment: If you think that when you show up for your appointment at the Consulate you will not have all the necessary documents to complete your process, you can reschedule your appointment through MEXITEL:

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