Get a subsidy from CONAVI for the construction of your house even if you live abroad

The National Housing Commission (CONAVI) operates the Social Housing Program, which aims to provide better conditions to the population when building or remodeling their home.

The Social Housing Program one of its objectives is "to address housing backwardness problems through actions to purchase housing, self-production of new housing, improvement or expansion of housing."

The priority population of the program are those households located in rural and / or indigenous areas, populations affected by natural disasters, areas with high rates of violence or places inhabited by Mexican migrants returning to the country. But nevertheless, the program also considers Mexicans who continue to live abroad.

One of the modalities of the program's subsidies is self-production, which aims to offer better housing opportunities and away from areas that may suffer from natural phenomena.

"The Commission may grant a subsidy for the construction of new housing by self-production that can be generated in buildable spaces, with habitable and complementary spaces that are in correspondence with the cultural and regional context," explains CONAVI in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

The self-production of housing includes the "process of land management, construction and distribution of housing under the direct control of users individually or collectively, which can be developed by hiring third parties or through self-construction processes and preferably include attributes of efficient use of natural resources ”.

Among the lines of support for intervention in housing of this modality, it is included New Housing, which consists of financing for a maximum of 5 months and consists of a support of 100 UMAS. In addition, it has the option of 180 UMAS in case of accessing the complementary support lines: auxiliary productive space, sustainability, dismantling and preventive work

To access the subsidy, it is necessary to be 18 years of age or older, not have access to credit financial services and belong to the priority populations. In addition, it is necessary to complete some applications and forms of socioeconomic studies.

Learn more about the program's operating rules at the following link and consult the documents to begin the process:

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