How to be a beneficiary of the Social Housing Program of the Government of Mexico if I live abroad?

The Social Housing Program (PVS) of the Federal Government promotes the right to housing through mechanisms that facilitate access to buy, build or remodel a house.

The Official Gazette of the Federation through the Secretariat of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development (SEDATU), published in January 2021 the "Operating Rules of the Social Housing Program for fiscal year 2021". The document considers among the priority population to be benefited by the PVS Mexican migrants abroad and return.

In this way, through the PVS, Mexican migrants who live abroad or who are back in Mexico, have the opportunity to apply to be beneficiaries and obtain a subsidy for the construction or purchase of a home.

The eligibility criteria are as follows::

  • Being over 18 years
  • Be Mexican
  • Being a population without access to financial credit services offered by any of the executing entities registered by the National Housing Commission (CONAVI)
  • Non-beneficiary of INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE.
  • Belong to the priority population

There are five modalities to apply to the PVS: Self-production, housing relocation, housing reconstruction, housing improvement, housing unit improvement and housing acquisition.

Regarding the general requirements to apply to any type of PVS, the following documents and their copies as appropriate apply:

The following documents will also be required for the co-financing scheme:

  • Previous savings statement
  • Manifest to tell the truth, which specifies that you do not own another home different to where the subsidy will be applied
  • Proof of ownership in favor of the beneficiary, that is, a copy of the public deed, property title, among others
  • Risk assessment, contract with the Federal Electricity Commission
  • Proof of seniority
  • For the priority group of migrants, the following documents must also be presented: consular registration, proof of kinship with the migrant person, proof of remittances.


For more information, go to the following link and consult the documents required to start the process, as well as the Operating Rules of the Social Housing Program:

Or you can send an email to, including your request, name, CURP and telephone number.

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