Mexico expects more than 350 thousand work visas this year

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Mexico will receive 45,000 work visas more than last year.

The SRE expects to reach the figure of 356,000 work visas issued by the United States government, so that Mexican workers can work in various professions and trades on a temporary basis. This would be the highest figure in recent times, and would exceed 310,000 visas delivered in 2021.

At the meeting held by the presidents of Mexico and the United States in early July, the Mexican government proposed to the United States to expand the number of visas for citizens of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti, as well as 300,000 work visas. Temporary for Mexicans.


In fact, since March 31, the US government added 55,000 more visas to the countries mentioned. The visas were for temporary non-agricultural workers, which favors the population since they do not require specialization or a specific profession.

The Mexican government explained that the situation between Mexico and the United States is at a decisive moment as they seek to advance in the implementation of a plan that involves labor and immigration aspects and that also provides temporary work visas to Mexican citizens.

President Joe Biden had explained at last month's meeting that one of the objectives of his government has been to create legal job opportunities for immigrants, and that they have also achieved historical figures in the issuance of H-2 visas, especially with the issuance of visas for Central Americans.

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