Get to know this platform to improve your skills in the professional field

GCF LearnLibre has an educational platform related to professional life, which helps users aspire to a better job.

GCF LearnLibre is a free online educational platform that allows users to acquire new knowledge at their own pace. In this sense, it has a section of courses focused on improving professional and work skills.

This platform can be very useful for immigrants in the United States, to acquire diverse knowledge without spending large amounts of money. For example, it has a course on internet sales, which teaches various resources such as web tools and social networks to enter the world of eCommerce.

It also has entrepreneurship courses, which help students to start a business, to create innovative and creative solutions, to handle and manage business capital or how to find opportunities in the market, among others.

Similarly, it has a professional and personal growth course, which provides advice and data for good development in the work environment.

In total there are seven courses offered by GCF LearnLibre:

  • How to sell online?
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Marketing Basics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • World of work
  • Scrum
  • Telecommuting

Enter the platform at the following link:

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