Education options and free courses for migrants

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free education services remotely.

This organization is an excellent option for immigrants in the United States to continue their education, since it offers courses from kindergarten to eighth grade, as well as preparation courses for each school grade from 3rd year.

The platform provides subject courses on mathematics at each of the school levels and grades in the United States, as well as preparation for more complex subjects such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, among others.

Similarly, it offers courses on science such as biology, chemistry and advanced physics; computing such as programming and digital animation; and economics and finance such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial and capital markets, among others.

Khan Academy is based on personalized learning, as it depends on the pace of each student. In the same way, it offers tools so that teachers can understand students more, by identifying problems in the understanding of certain topics and creating special classes for each student.

This platform is ideal for immigrant families in the United States, since it offers courses that will be useful for the regularization of children and young students who came from countries with different educational systems.

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