Progresando Initiative provides scholarships to Hispanic/Latino students in health sciences careers

Progresando Initiative provides scholarships and support to Hispanic/Latino students in health sciences majors at 12 US universities.

Saint Elizabeth University (SEU) located in New Jersey, received a grant of 200 thousand dollars for two years from Bank Of America and EAB, an organization that promotes access to education in the United States. The purpose of these funds is to support Hispanic-Latino students seeking careers in health care. This action is part of the Progresando Initiative, which was created to promote the social and economic mobility of Hispanics-Latinos through careers related to the area of health.

To create the Progresando Initiative EAB and Bank of America partnered with 12 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), to accelerate the path of Hispanic adults to enter or advance their careers in the field of health.

Progresando seeks to promote the economic and social mobility of Hispanic professionals through funds, paid residencies, scholarships, research and consulting. The common goal is for Hispanic health professionals to serve and positively impact their communities and the health care industry.

EAB provides research, technology, marketing and advisory services to participating institutions and in the next two years the initiative is expected to benefit more than 6,200 Hispanic-Latino students and double the participation of that population in the education sector. medical care.

“As HSI, Saint Elizabeth University is dedicated to supporting our Hispanic student population to achieve academic, professional and personal success. It is critically important that we improve equity and inclusion in health care to improve patient access and outcomes in Hispanic communities,” said Anne Clark Bartlett, Chancellor and Vice President of the Division of Academic Affairs and Student Life at SEU. .

The support of Progresamos to SEU will offer the incorporation of a bilingual academic and health professional and an advisor for the beneficiaries of Progresando Scholars. It also provides emergency funds for scholarship recipients of the program.

“Hispanic-Latino graduate students cite gaps in academic preparation and support, caregiving responsibilities, unforeseen financial pressures and language barriers as top challenges to degree completion,” said Alberto Garofalo, president of Bank of America New Jersey. He also explained that the SEU is not only committed to Hispanic-Latino students by being part of this initiative, but also strengthens the training and development of medical professionals.

In addition to New Jersey, the initiative partners with universities in California, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Colorado.

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