Learn about the process of revalidating studies in Mexico for any educational level

Mexicans and returning Mexicans have the right to receive education in Mexico, at all educational levels in public or private schools.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) through the General Directorate of Accreditation, Incorporation and Revalidation (DGAIR), support Mexican migrants who return to the country, and who seek to continue their studies.

The DGAIR and the SEP can revalidate the studies that Mexicans completed in the United States, for which the interested parties must present the documents that prove that they successfully completed their corresponding academic level. They must also have translations of these documents.

In addition, the apostille of academic documents of studies carried out abroad is not necessary and the lack of identity documents is not a factor to deny the revalidation process.

The procedures are districts depending on the educational level in which you are, for example, for the revalidation of basic education studies, only the birth certificate or an equivalent document, certificate of studies, report cards, school records, proof of payment and request for the revalidation process. The cost of revalidation of primary and secondary is 38 pesos.

On the other hand, the revalidation of upper secondary level considers various institutions or subsystems where the interested party can continue their studies, for example: the General Directorate of Industrial Technological Education (DGETI), the General Directorate of Baccalaureate (DGB), among others. This procedure requires the same documents as the previous levels, primary and secondary, as well as their revalidation documents.

Finally, for the revalidation of higher education studies, the process can be more complicated, since the studies must be valid in the country of origin and must also be comparable in at least 40% with the study plans taught in the country. National educative system. In this way, a partial or total revalidation is possible.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Request for revalidation of studies, available at the following link http://www.sep.gob.mx/work/models/sep1/Resource/12240/19/images/solrevalidacion_v2.pdf
  • Birth certificate or equivalent identity document.
  • Title, Diploma or Official Academic Degree, obtained abroad subject to the procedure.
  • Official certificate of subjects with grades and credits of the studies completed abroad that are the object of the procedure, describing the learning units, the periods in which they were studied and the grades obtained.
  • Institutional technical opinion. If you do not have it, you must present a plan and programs of the studies carried out abroad, object of revalidation (thematic content of each subject studied that allows establishing a comparison of the studies completed with a related national program).
  • Documents with free translation into Spanish when appropriate.
  • Proof of payment of corresponding rights, made through the e5cinco format, at any banking institution (in the name of the interested party) http://www.sep.gob.mx/work/appsite/e5_ene12/dpa/hojaayuda.html?institucion=dgair

This procedure must be carried out in one of the SEP offices in the country, since it requires original documents.

Learn more about revalidation of higher education studies at the following links: https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/austin/index.php/haz-tu-cita-aqui/revalidacion-de-estudios-en-mexico  and http://www.sep.gob.mx/es/sep1/Decreto_21

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