The Free Clinics platform offers a directory with more than 10,000 free or low-cost clinics

Free or low-cost clinics for migrants can be found in the Free Clinics directory and search engine.

In Acceso Latino you will find information about free or low-cost clinics. Enter our subsection Health In the Social Supports tab, there you will find the “Health Services” section, which contains a link to Free Clinics.

Free Clinics is a non-profit association that helps people find free or low-cost health services. On their platform they show a list of all free or low-cost clinics in the United States, as well as descriptions and detailed information about them.

At Free Clinics you can find free or low-cost medical care in every state in the country. You can perform a search using your zip code, or you can check the directory of clinics by state on the same page. Free Clinics offers free health care for people who: do not have health insurance, are unemployed, and / or are low-income.

In addition, there are specialized clinics for immigrants in the United States. For example, the Migrant Health Service with various clinics in Minnesota or the Northwest Immigrant Rights Pro in Washington state.

Most clinics have adjustable payment schedules. That is, the prices of medical care are calculated based on the income of the patient and the members of her household / family.

For example, according to federal poverty guidelines for 2022, people who earn less than $ 12,800 a year would have access to most of the clinics found on this platform. Similarly, families of three, for example, with incomes less than $ 21,960 would be eligible for any of these clinics.

Among the medical services offered by the participating clinics are care in: mental health, influenza, thyroid, depression, high blood pressure, ear infections, asthma, among others. However, some clinics also offer dental services, pharmacy recommendations, laboratory studies, among other services.

In total, 10,654 clinics are registered, which have managed to benefit more than 200,000 people under different schemes: low-cost clinics, for the uninsured, for low-income, and clinics at no cost.

You can contact Free Clinics through the following number: (641) 715-3900 ext .: 301402; send an email to; or from your website searching by zip code.

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