What have been the actions of the Joe Biden administration for Latinos?

One of the main objectives of the Biden-Harris administration is to pass a new immigration reform that grants just over 11 million undocumented migrants legal status to live and work in the United States.

President Joe Biden and his government have various plans that involve the Latino community in the United States, the first of which is immigration reform. It promises to provide legal status to more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. 

Immigration reform continues to advance in Congress, however, its approval is still pending.

On the other hand, among the achievements of the current administration, is the program that granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Venezuelans who have arrived in the United States, in this way they can live and work legally in the United States. country. This happened in March when the White House announced a decree to grant TPS for a period of 18 months to 300,000 Venezuelans.

In addition, another of the strategies that will benefit Latinos will come through Build Back Better Plan. This plan for the recovery of the economy, the United States government will seek the massive creation of jobs and the reduction of taxes to the middle class that will help all Latino immigrants.

Photo: Samuel Corum - Bloomberg

Regarding foreign policy, the United States government has created two strategies related to immigration: "US Strategy to Address Root Causes of Migration in Central America" and "Collaborative Migration Management Strategy."

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