University in California offers program for Latino students to specialize in engineering and computer science

This program is part of a network of universities and community colleges, which seek that more Latino students take part in the area of computer science or engineering in the state.

The California State University, Northridge (CSUN), specifically the College of Engineering and Computer Science, has been part of a funding program called HISPANIC-SERVING INSTITUTIONS PROGRAM (STEM). This program seeks to enhance the academic achievement of low-income students of Hispanic origin, in subjects such as engineering and computer science

Thanks to the encouragement received, the university managed to create the program Attract Inspire Mentor Support Students (AIMS2). That, in the words of its director, SK Ramesh, this reward “will have a lasting impact on the academic success and career options of the talented young people of our region and, ultimately, we expect a lasting impact on the growth and health of the California economy ”.

The main objectives of the AIMS2 program are: to improve the academic performance of Hispanic students and train them in engineering and computer science fields, improve the entry of low-income Hispanic students to the field of engineering or computer science; and improve the career preparation that Hispanic students receive.

Similarly, the program intends for more Hispanic students with more degrees to continue until completing their studies in these areas of professionalization.

CSUN collaborates with California community colleges to help students enroll in college and continue their studies in areas promoted by the program. Glendale, Canyons, LA Pierce and Moorpark community colleges are part of the AIMS2 program.

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