Migrante, conoce tus derechos

Know your rights, is a subsection of Acceso Latino that provides specific information on the protection of the rights of migrants.

In subsection "Know your rights" You will find information on migration and migrant rights. Consult information from the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), on the portal "Migrant person, the Plan is to have a Plan"; recommendations on complaints to the CNDH; and informative content on how to process dual citizenship.

The CNDH created the internet portal http://migrantes.cndh.org.mx/index.html Migrant person, the Plan is to have a Plan ”in order to help fellow citizens in the United States and in Mexico.

Likewise, the National Human Rights Commission has an online mailbox, where you can report a violation of your human rights to the competent authority. To carry out this action we leave you the following link, https://atencionciudadana.cndh.org.mx/. You must register before filing the complaint so that you can receive notifications about updates on the case.

You will also find a guide to process dual citizenship from the United States. Remember that the Constitution gives you the right to have two nationalities, and that being a North American citizen does not take away your Mexican nationality.

Acceso Latino provides you with these tools so that you have better information as a migrant in the US or in Mexico, if you are passing through.

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