Learn about life insurance options for migrants

It is important to have life insurance for a migrant relative in the United States, to provide protection and security to their family members.

Some insurance companies in Mexico offer life insurance for the protection of migrants in the United States. This type of insurance is essential for migrant family members to have protection in the event of death.

Migrant insurance provides double protection, both for the holder with residence in Mexico and for the migrant family member who lives in the United States. It is an insurance for one year that covers accidental natural death.

The insurance covers funeral expenses, legal procedures, air transport, customs procedures, wake-up, among other services. In addition, this type of insurance includes its services not only in the United States, but also in Canada.

To qualify for this type of insurance, it is only necessary to meet the age requirements, which vary depending on the insurance company, for example from 18 to 75 years old; from 18 to 59; or from 18 to 70. Similarly, a medical questionnaire is required, but there is no need for medical tests.

Some insurances offer additional coverage such as medical and psychological telephone assistance, educational assistance for children of the migrant beneficiary, among others.

The companies that offer life insurance for migrants in Mexico are: Seguros Afirme, Banco Azteca and Banorte. Check the information directly from their internet portals.

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