Processing of dual nationality Mexico-United States

Children born abroad to a Mexican father and / or mother have the right to have Mexican nationality to facilitate their access to public services in Mexico.

Article 30 of the Mexican Constitution grants Mexican nationality to every girl or boy born abroad, of a mother and / or father born in Mexico. In addition, the Constitution gives the opportunity and the right to have Mexican and North American nationality, without losing citizenship of origin, that is, obtaining dual nationality.

The benefits of having dual citizenship are very good, such as job opportunities, the right to education, medical care, pensions and more.

To obtain the registration of the Mexican nationality of a girl or a boy, from the United States, it is necessary to go to the nearest Mexican Consulate by appointment:

  • Mother and father must present their identity documentation with photo. If the parents are married, only one of them must show up with the marriage certificate
  • Original Mexican birth certificate of the parents, who are Mexican
  • US birth certificate in long version of the daughter or son (the surnames of both parents must match on the birth certificate)
  • Photo ID of the daughter or son for whom the registration will be made
  • Two witnesses over 18 years of age with photo identification

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