Biden Has Public Support for Immigration Reform

In internal polls, President Joe Biden's support groups are optimistic about the political prospects for immigration reform.

Matt A. Barreto, a polling specialist and researcher on Latino political behavior in the United States, conducted a poll on electorate support for President Biden's immigration reform.

In this poll conducted by a political group akin to President Biden, led by Barreto, 70% of those surveyed believe that the immigration system is not working well or needs a complete reform. The immigration reform has the support of the dreamers, who would benefit if it is approved.

One of President Biden's first actions was to push an agenda in favor of new immigration laws, which seek that 11 million undocumented immigrants obtain legal residency status.

"We are at an important political moment on immigration matters in which Democrats are increasingly confident that their agenda is the popular one, when Republican efforts to exaggerate the 'border crisis' in quotes seem to fade," said Doug Rivlin, a spokesperson for America's Voice, an organization that advocates for immigration reform.

"What this survey shows is that it is very clear that the American public when given the option to choose which of these options they want, supports immigration reform and an orderly and humane processing of migrants at the border," explained one of the group meeting attendees.

On the other hand, immigration advocates hope that some segments of immigration reform will consider an economic bill. 

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