Find employment through LinkUp through technology

In Linkup you can use the tools to find a job. You can search by type of job, company or keywords.

Meet LinkUp.comthe US Job Bank where they use the data to index millions of vacancies directly from the websites of those who offer them and that you find the best job.

Con Linkup encuentra un mejor empleo

You can search by type of job, company or keywords to access the one you want. The search can be more specific, mentioning your city, state or zip code to choose one where you live.

Once on the page, you can filter by the best or the most recent option; exact location, and if they posted it a day, a week or 2 weeks ago, 30 days or unspecified.

By selecting the one that catches your attention the most, the description and their purpose, tasks and responsibilities, skills, eligibility requirements and the characteristics they need for the position will be displayed.

To apply you can do it directly from the recruiter's site by creating an account right there. 

Log in to receive job alerts, save the one you liked the most, share the position with a family member, acquaintance or friend, and have your search history at hand.

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