Through the Zacatecan DIFFERENT Binational Fairs they have carried out more than 16 thousand procedures from the United States

The Zacatecas government has held 10 DIFFERENT Binational fairs in the United States in the last four years.

The government of Zacatecas has promoted 10 DIFFERENT Binational Fairs in different cities of the United States and has managed to collaborate with migrant clubs. Thanks to these events, Zacatecans have processed from the United States, driver's licenses, birth certificates, identity documents, among others.


The then governor of Zacatecas, Alejandro Tello recognized the importance of the migrant community for Zacatecas during the event of the XVIII Anniversary of the Zacatecano Migrante. He also celebrated the contribution of migrant clubs in different cities, which have been key to the organization of these events.

Through the Binational DIFFerents Fair, more than 16 thousand procedures have been carried out from 2017 to 2019. However, after the pandemic, the events were suspended. In 2019, fairs were held in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois and Georgia, and in total 8,586 procedures were registered through the Secretariat of the Migrant Zacatecano, the Secretariat of Public Education, the Civil Registry, Public Defender and the Road Safety Police.

Despite the suspension of the Fairs for the past year, Zacatecanos Migrantes clubs and federations were recognized by the Zacatecas government in early September. The Federations of Zacatecan Migrants of California, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and Denver were given awards for their work during the celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Zacatecan Migrant.

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