5 benefits of the Ciudadanízate program

Learn about 5 benefits offered by the Ciudadanízate platform.

Ciudadanízate is a Latino Access program that provides tools to immigrants in the United States in their immigration process. Specifically in obtaining US citizenship. Learn about 5 benefits offered by the platform:

  • Free. The platform, guides, questionnaires and other educational content have no cost.
  • Easy access. The platform allows access to all content without the need for prior registration, or entering data such as email. However, the best option is to register on the platform to measure progress on the content learned.
  • Variety of content. Ciudadanízate has five sections, more than 15 downloadable documents and 25 videos on Citizenship procedures, as well as testimonies from people who have managed to complete their process.
  • Practice. Among the contents, the tools for reviewing the 100 questions of the citizenship exam stand out.
  • Mobile app. The mobile application of Acceso Latino includes the contents of Ciudadanízate, so that users can access them from anywhere.

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