Learn about the main reasons for deportation of foreigners in the United States

The main reasons why an undocumented immigrant is deported are directly related to the commission of a crime or the violation of immigration laws.

The Immigration and Nationality Law in section 237 describes each and every one of the reasons why a foreigner can be deported from the United States, you can consult them here. The agency responsible for carrying out immigration-related deportations and detentions is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE).

The main reason a foreign national can be deported from the United States, regardless of their immigration status (even if they are a permanent resident), is the commission of a felony.

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Some of the serious crimes are foreign trafficking, document fraud, domestic violence, drug-related crimes, firearm trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, rape or murder.

Although each state classifies crimes differently, either as serious or minor, ICE carries out its own judgment on the crime, so it can even lead to deportation for crimes considered minor.

Another case that could possibly end in deportation is the violation of immigration laws, for example, falsification of documents, fraudulent marriages, among others.

On the other hand, tourists, non-immigrant workers and students can be deported if they do not comply with the conditions of their visa. For example, if an exchange student gets a job, she would be at risk of being deported because she does not have the permits to carry out commercial activities in the country.

Similarly, Green Card holders can be deported if they do not send notifications to the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), about changes of address or if they do not prove not to be a "public charge" five years after receiving the certificate. permanent residence.


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