How to cash a check in the US as a foreigner?

Cashing a check in the United States as a foreigner is not impossible, however, each company has its own requirements.

When cashing a check in the USA, as a foreigner, keep in mind the different rules and requirements that each company establishes. Most companies that allow a foreigner to cash a check add a fee for the service.

Before looking for a where to cash it, you should first review the bank's exchange policies listed on the check. In this way you can verify directly with the bank the availability of the funds in the account of the person or company that issued it.

However, most large banks have begun to charge check cashing service fees to people who do not have a bank account with these banks.

Another option is Walmart, the largest supermarket chain in the country with more than 5,000 locations in the U.S. This company has a fee of $ 4 USD for checks for amounts less than $ 1,000 USD and a fee of $ 8 USD to checks greater than that amount.

Remember that to cash a check it is necessary to present an official photo ID.

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