Benefits of having your social security number as a legal immigrant

Legal immigrants qualify for Social Security, they only need to process their Social Security Number (SSN).

An SSN is an identification number used by US citizens and other residents to track their income and Social Security benefits. The purpose of this number is to provide benefits such as retirement, disability payments, as well as other topics related to collecting information for tax purposes or monitoring credit reports.

The SSN is processed through the Social Security Administration (SSA), it is mandatory to have one to obtain a job and accumulate social security benefits. In addition, the SSN is necessary to apply for loans, open bank accounts, access federal and state government benefits, among other benefits.

It should be noted that any foreign citizen who is legally established in the United States is eligible to process their SSN and work to obtain Social Security benefits.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the SSN be kept confidential, since anyone who obtains it can commit fraud, obtain credit, open bank accounts, among other suspicious and unwanted activities.

Like anyone with an SSN who meets the 40-credit requirement for retirement benefits, immigrant workers can access these benefits, such as retirement payments, income to family members such as a spouse or children, disability payments, and more. .

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