What is the American Rescue Plan?

Learn about the American Rescue Plan, the initiative of the United States government to face the adverse effects of the pandemic and achieve economic recovery.

The American Rescue Plan seeks to provide support directly to the American population and begin the economic recovery after the pandemic. One of the goals of the plan is to build a bridge between equitable economic recovery and reducing child poverty. Even according to studies from Columbia University, through the American Rescue Plan more than 5 million children could be lifted out of poverty this year.

The main points of the plan are already being carried out, such as the national vaccination program against COVID-19 for the reopening of schools; the delivery of support to American families in these moments of health emergency; or the delivery of support to small businesses to avoid their closure, and the dismissal of their employees.

For the recovery of jobs, they propose the distribution of more than 360 billion dollars of funds and achieve the reopening of schools, the effective distribution of the COVID vaccine and keep other important services working properly.

Learn more about the American Rescue Plan at the following link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/American-Rescue-Plan-Fact-Sheet.pdf

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