United We Dream: Know the recommendations in case of having an encounter with immigration agents

Learn about the resources offered by the United We Dream organization, to defend yourself in case you have an encounter with an immigration agent.

United We Dream is an organization that defends and promotes the human rights of immigrants in the United States, especially young people. Know Your Power!, is a campaign to disseminate information on how to act when faced with an encounter with an immigration agent.

Photo: unitedwedream.org

As part of the campaign, they have created informational materials for various situations that young immigrants without documents may experience in the United States. The contents are in the following link, and are available in English and Spanish: https://unitedwedream.org/heretostay/know-your-power/.

The contents provide advice to immigrants on what to do in specific situations such as: If migration agents arrive at your home, if migration agents stop you in public and if migration agents arrive at your work.

They also include recommendations for recording evidence to report to migration agents.

To report activity by ICE or CBP agents, call the following number from the United States: 1-844-363-1423

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