Undocumented California Community College Students Will Receive Free Legal Services

The state legal services project has designated $ 20 million for students at 116 California community colleges to have legal support on immigration issues.

Undocumented students from Community Colleges in the state of California will have immigration legal advice at their colleges. All 116 campuses in the state will receive funding from the state legal services project, $ 20 million in total.

This achievement was achieved thanks to the work of the California Community College Foundation (Foundation CCC) and nine organizations that support the legal services project. In this way, there are more than 60 lawyers working in legal services for undocumented students in the California Community College Network, as explained by Alonso García of the CCC Foundation.

Services are provided free of charge to all undocumented students enrolled in a Community College in the state. In this way, students will have legal advice at every step of their immigration process.

Garcia also explained that the program includes financial support that covers the costs of Deferred Action (DACA) applications or renewals. In this way, students seeking to make an initial application for DACA and DACA recipients who must renew their permit will receive such support.

For more information visit https://www.cccco.edu/.

On the other hand, legal advice will also be provided to immigrants with permanent residence in case they seek to acquire US citizenship.

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