UNAM San Antonio celebrates the Third Week of the Spanish Language in the US and Canada

From May 23 to 27, the III Week of the Spanish Language will be held in the United States and Canada through virtual events broadcast from various venues.

UNAM San Antonio and the Support Program for Mexicans Abroad (PAME) will hold the third edition of this event whose main theme is "The challenges of Spanish in the United States and Canada."

The program of the event will include the participation of specialists from the Mexican Academy of Language, the Cervantes Institute, the UNAM Teaching Center for Foreigners and UNAM offices in San Antonio, Tucson, Los Angeles, Boston Chicago and Canada.

The themes and activities of the event will be presented in various formats such as talks, round tables, and conferences. Some of the topics are: Spanish, Its teaching, evaluation and teacher training, History, heritage and language of the southwestern United States, Heritage speakers, among others.

The event and activities will be streamed online from the UNAM San Antonio Facebook page: facebook.com/UNAMUSASA/

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