Ten years of the New Americans Campaign

The New Americans Campaign (NAC) is a national network of diverse organizations specializing in immigration activism. This month marks ten years since its launch in 2011.

This campaign is directed by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and for ten years they have been promoting the naturalization of immigrants. One of its goals is to change the way applicants for US citizenship go through their naturalization process.

The Campaign is committed to connecting legal permanent residents (LPR) with organizations that provide them with reliable legal assistance that makes the naturalization process easier to carry out.

Currently there are about 9 million people with LPR status who are eligible to be citizens, yet only 10% go through the naturalization process each year. The goal of the campaign is for that number to increase each year and more people with LPR to naturalize. 

The five pillars of the NAC are as follows:

  • Achieve a measurable impact on naturalization
  • Work collaboratively
  • Infuse innovation in service delivery models
  • Reach a diverse population of aspiring citizens
  • Provide the highest quality naturalization services.

In addition, the NAC has partners in more than 20 US metropolitan areas and more than 200 organizations specializing in migration, in addition to important foundations. This has enabled the NAC to achieve many of its medium and long-term objectives. Among the achievements of the Campaign, the following stand out:

  • More than 500 thousand applications for naturalization were generated.
  • Saved more than $ 456 million for LPR communities through reduced fees and fee waivers
  • Completed more than 169 thousand requests for fee waivers and reduced fees
  • Holding more than 8,700 group processing workshops

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