Learn about the program that will help you in your US citizenship process

Ciudadanízate is the Latino Access portal specialized in providing guidance to migrants seeking to obtain US citizenship through naturalization.

"Citizenship" has a wide variety of audiovisual, educational and downloadable materials to support immigrants eligible to obtain Citizenship in their process. The platform has videos that explain, through tutorials or narrations, how is the process to process citizenship by naturalization.

Ciudadanízate offers all its contents through five sections:

  1. Requirements to become a citizen
  2. How to become a citizen step by step
  3. The benefits of being a citizen
  4. Preparing for the exam and interview
  5. We have achieved it! Oath ceremony.

In addition, all services are free and even registration to the platform, also free, optional, although registering will help you to know your progress within the program.

Ciudadanízate also has a section of downloadable documents such as guides, forms, documentation submission tutorials, so that you can continue the course even without entering the platform.

On the other hand, the site also contains a glossary, so that potential applicants for naturalization can identify concepts related to the procedures for obtaining citizenship.

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