Learn about alternative options for sending remittances

Learn about the options of the Bank of Mexico and the Government of Mexico for sending remittances from the United States to Mexico

The Government of Mexico and the Bank of Mexico have their own alternatives for sending remittances from the United States to Mexico. For example, the Federal Secretariat of Communications and Transportation, through Telecomunicaciones de México (Telecomm) has a service called Giro Paisano for sending remittances to Mexico.

Telecom Telégrafos offers the payment of remittances through other companies that operate this kind of services such as WesternUnion, Uniteller, BBVA Transfer, among others. The process of sending money to Mexico through this service is very simple:

  • When sending remittances to a company that provides these services, the sender must request their transfer through Telecomm Telégrafos.
  • Later, you must notify the beneficiary and provide him with the shipment number so that he can collect it immediately at any of the more than 1,700 Telecomm branches in Mexico.

In the following link you will find all the locations of the Telecomm branches: https://telecomm.gob.mx/gobmx/sgst/

If you want to know more about this service click on the following link:


On the other hand, the Government of Mexico presents an additional alternative for sending money from the United States to Mexico, quickly and safely. To use it, it is necessary to have an account in the Banco del Bienestar. It is possible to open an account from the internet at: http://www.bancodelbienestar.com.mx/.

There are two types of service, credit account or cash withdrawal:

  • For account payment, money can be sent from any institution that sends remittances. Subsequently, it is necessary to indicate the Banco del Bienestar account number, provide data and identification and make the payment. The beneficiary will receive the payment directly into his account.
  • Regarding the sending of money for cash withdrawal in Mexico, it is also necessary to request at the remittance institution that the money transfer be made through the Banco del Bienestar or L@Red de la Gente. Then provide sender and beneficiary data, make the payment. The beneficiary must go to a Bank or L@Red de la Gente establishment with their identification in order to withdraw the money.

More information on the phones: 800 900 2000 for Mexico and 888 315 0301 for the United States.

Likewise, Banco de México, through its Directo a México program, offers another option for sending and receiving remittances: http://www.directoamexico.com/ Transferring money through this service takes one business day to be reflected in the banking system.

Para esta alternativa, es necesario que el remitente tenga una cuenta en cualquier institución bancaria de Estados Unidos que forme parte del programa Directo a México, y por su parte el beneficiario debe contar con una cuenta en instituciones que participen en el Sistema de Pagos Electrónicos Interbancarios (SPEI).

In this way, the beneficiary will receive their money directly into their account and will be able to withdraw it from their debit card or any other means offered by their bank.

In the following links you can consult the institutions that offer this service:

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