Learn about the benefits of the Repatriation Program

The objective of the Repatriation Program is to provide the tools for the migrant population of Mexico that returns to the country, coming from the United States and Canada, to achieve their reintegration in a safe and orderly manner.

The National Migration Institute (INM) created the Repatriation Program and through it seeks the coordination of the three levels of government, civil society and private initiative in the care of returning Mexicans.  

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To prepare your return to Mexico, go to one of the 50 Mexican consulates in the United States, where they will provide you with advice to complete the procedures and procedures necessary for voluntary repatriation. The Information and Assistance Center for Mexicans (CIAM) offers assistance on consultation services 24 hours a day at the number (520) 623874 for the United States.

Before your arrival, you should know that there are 11 Repatriation Modules in 5 border states bordering the US: two in Baja California, two in Sonora, two in Chihuahua, two in Coahuila and three in Tamaulipas.  

Through these modules, migrants returning from the United States and Canada are supported to encourage their inclusion in the programs that the government offers for their benefit. The benefits promoted by the government are: access to health services, including mental health care; access to employment, right to identity; revalidation of studies; certification of your skills and abilities; access to financial services; legal orientation; advice on migration issues with the Ministry of Foreign Relations, among others.

If you return to another non-border state, you can seek support at the representative offices of the Repatriation Program in any state in the country. Check the link information for your state and get in touch: https://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/614621/DIRECTORIO_REPATRIACION_.pdf

For more information about this program you can write an email to the following address: attrepatriadascdmx@inami.gob.mx

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