More than 30 million children will benefit from Biden's new food assistance plan

US President Joe Biden announced the launch of a food assistance plan to ensure that no child goes hungry in the country.

On April 26 of this year, the president announced the food assistance plan to benefit more than 30 million children and adolescents. “Today we begin a new program funded by the American Rescue Plan to provide nutritional assistance to more than 30 million children during the summer. Help is here to ensure that no child goes hungry in America, ”he reported via Twitter.

This action is part of the economic plan of 1.8 billion dollars, to recover from the negative effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 350 billion dollars will be delivered to local and state governments, 20 billion will go to the national vaccination plan and 50 billion for COVID-19 testing.

On the other hand, 45 billion will go to nutrition programs that provide support to families with children. One such program is responsible for sending money to families of students who were eating free school lunches before the pandemic. “Expanding this program, not just during times of the pandemic when schools are closed, but when we know that schools are closed - which is the summer - is evidence-based and is a welcome change in the way we do. business, ”Biden explained. 

The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program provides an average of $ 114 per minor student to families.

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