The plan is to have a plan

Your Rights

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) introduced a web portal “Migrant, the plan is to have a plan”, with the purpose of helping fellow compatriots in the United States. The page is divided in three parts in both countries: Find out, Seek guidance, Defend yourself.

In the Find out section they are reminded how to protect their family, their assets, and how to get a lawyer if they need one. In Seek guidance, it is explained how to act in case of raids, and it offers a list of organizations that can help them. Defend yourself shows the Mexican consular network in the United States.


Know your rights

Tus Derechos
Tus Derechos 1
Tus Derechos 2
Tus Derechos 3
Tus Derechos 4
Tus Derechos 5
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Are you in the United States?

Find out
Seek Guidance
  • In case of arrest

    If someone shows up at your home

    In case of raids

    While you drive, you must avoid

    If someone shows up at work

    In case of criminal charges

    Change of immigration status

    Contact a civil association

    Contact a lawyer

    Contact an immigrant club

    Locate your consulate

    Can a policeman arrest me?


    Can a notary help me?

Defend yourself
Are you in Mexico?

Your rights
Seek support


Source: Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos